How crazy has this year been and how fun was lockdown…not. If you’re mind has been in overdrive with ideas on how to improve your personal brand, you’re the only one. 

If blogging is on your list of ways you want to connect with your customer, here are some topics to get the ball rolling: 

✍🏻 Last-minute DIY tips for vendors: Send your vendor to Bunnings to take the opportunity to finally fix those little things. They could give the buyer a reason to lower their offer. 

✍🏻 Support a local business: Feature on a local business and help boost their brand awareness. It will help you build a relationship with them and educate a buyer who may be new to the area. 

✍🏻 How to create a cracker virtual tour. Contact a video professional like Crying Out Loud whose visuals will surely impress. Add a quirky script with catchy one-liners and your set. 

✍🏻 Put a spotlight on the local area: Targeting families? Bring all the local features together in a lifestyle package that buyers can’t resist.

✍🏻 Horticulture for dummies. Regularly educate vendors about the types of plants they should plant when and where to create top-notch gardens all year round.

Become an authority in your region and a stand-out resource to your email database members through your blogs. You can direct your content from a range of channels online back to your website where your audience won’t be distracted and you can control what happens next. Grab this opportunity through your blogs to be informative and entertaining. 

Blogging is not dead yet. It’s the content you share and how you promote it through your marketing channels that counts.