Content Marketing

Show the world you’re a Rockstar.

Content Marketing

Show the world you’re a Rockstar.

Manage your personal brand like a pro

Awesome content comes down to finding the right balance and consistency that lets your personal brand shine and your message connect with your target market. Make it rich, relevant, appropriate, and mix it with a great content marketing strategy. Find your tribe, promote your value – and get some chins wagging. Whether you want to learn to manage your own content or, you just don’t have the time but know you need to, let’s chat.


Imagine connecting with your ideal customer simply through your quirkiness and your willingness to share. Clear, consistent messaging that speaks to your strengths can help you meet, nurture and sell to your customers.


Social Media Audit

This is a great starting foundation. Let’s take a look at what you’ve got, what you don’t have, what needs tweaking and what you need. I’ll help you understand it all and we’ll go from there.

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Monthly Check-In

Partner up with me for regular check-ins to see how we can plan, manage and execute your content marketing and configure your social media pages to give your personal brand the boost it might need.

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Email Marketing

Stay top of mind with regular updates through emails and enewsletters. Recap your week, share real estate sales tips, flag your special listings, promote any business changes and keep communication flowing.

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Blogs / Guest Articles

Position yourself as a thought leader and subject matter expert through these great communication channels to by sharing your insights and opinions on things that matter to your clients.

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Case Studies

Really chuffed with a recent sale you’ve completed? Don’t let it slip. Grab the opportunity to do a case study on what worked, what didn’t and the outcome.

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Website Content

In such a competitive online market, your website is your shop front. Your website copy should connect with the reader within seconds. Does yours need a refresh?

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In real estate, statistics speak mountains and could make the sale for you. Tell the story and outline the intriguing data in a user friendly format through an infographic

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Content Marketing - Brand Injection | Amanda Paul

Why do you need content marketing?

Tick It’s great for brand awareness:

In today’s climate, if you’re audience can’t find you online, they won’t know they can buy from you. Content marketing offers fantastic channels to promote your brand directly to your target audience and may highlight gaps in the market you’d not thought of.

Tick Word of mouth is free advertising:

Social media is a mecca for creating word of mouth. Creating engaging content marketing will position you as a trusted, thought leader that others will want to tell their friends about.

Tick It’s a natural way to network:

Clients don’t want to be sold to constantly. They want to build a relationship with you and gauge whether they can trust you with their property sale or purchase. Strategic content marketing can help you build that bond naturally. 

Tick  It’s low cost:

You will reduce your cost per lead through content marketing that is targeted to specific groups of potential clients at the right time in their buying or selling journey.

Tick  It’s measurable:

The success of a printed mailout campaign can be hit and miss. Content marketing can be tracked and measured so you can determine, what worked, what didn’t and at what cost.

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Who I write for:

Real Estate Agents

a focus on enticing buyers, and tenants, marketing campaigns and building your personal brand.


Property Developers 

a focus on building a database to market to through the progressive stages of development.


Architects & Interior Designers

a focus on using well crafted, descriptive and colourful words to paint a picture, create inspiration and a desirable lifestyle.


Industry Partners

a focus on helping industry partners connect with other businesses servicing the real estate industry.


How I work is simple

Partner up with me and I’ll take you on a journey of content marketing “oohs”, “a ha’s” and an “oh, awesome!” thrown in. Before you know it you’ll be managing your own online content like a pro.

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