How to sell a block of land with just aspirations

Welcome to 2024! It’s a year for the taking, a clean slate to make your own, and a foundation to fulfil dreams. For many, changes are afoot in the real estate journey, with some people looking to downsize, upsize, make a sea/tree change, or upgrade to something new.

One of the biggest dilemmas property developers face at the beginning of each marketing campaign is how to make a standard-looking block of land seem enticing to those aspiring to their ideal lifestyle. Finding the right words to complement the right message to appeal to the right target market can be tough, but when done successfully, leads are more qualified, property is sold quicker with fewer challenges, and profit margins are more generous.

Over the years, I’ve worked with a range of developers to help bring their new developments to life, and I’ve noticed a few things.

When it comes to promoting a new property development that’s essentially a block land, there are a few key elements to keep in mind.

Understand your target audience

Each property will attract a certain demographic depending on its size, style, and location. A collection of townhouses in the burbs will attract different buyers compared to a tower of apartments in the CBD or an over 55s retirement community.  Intimately understand your target audience, their daily routines, family life, the words they resonate with, their personal lifestyle preferences, and their stage in life. You’ll connect with more qualified leads, and experience lower conversion rates in a quicker timeframe.

Outline the benefits, not just the features

There’s a difference in saying “reverse-cycle air conditioning” versus “year-round climate control”, “communal BBQ area” versus “onsite social hubs” or “timber floorboards” versus “sustainable low-maintenance living”. Focusing solely on the features without emphasising the benefits can undervalue the development and decrease the lifestyle that could be experienced. With just a tweak of some words, prospective buyers will clearly grasp how their lives could look and feel if they were to purchase.

Compare clearly against the competition

Without a doubt, buying off the plan is a competitive marketplace, but there’s something special about every home that makes it unique to each prospective buyer. It may be a slight difference in location, a specific floor plan, better value for money, a government incentive, or a more appealing return on investment. It may even be an added bonus you offer that others don’t or that you offer more information than others through blogs and social media. By clearly identifying and communicating what sets your development apart from others, buyers can compare easily and choose which property suits their needs the most.

Tap into the emotional appeal

Prospective buyers often make decisions based on their emotions. Whether they’re an owner-occupier or an investor, there is a deep-rooted reason why they are looking at certain real estate opportunities. Selling a block of land is harder if you rely too heavily on the facts without creating an inspiring lifestyle narrative. Buyers won’t resonate with your vision. You need to tap into your audience’s ‘WHY’.

Provide great visuals

Great photography plays a crucial role in the overall client experience. Marketing an existing property is one thing, but how do you make a block of land or a construction site look appealing? Offer high-quality visuals that promote lifestyle benefits, target pain points, and connect the viewer with a feeling. Generic or stock images should not look corny and should relate to your key messaging. Trust me, your brand will appear more professional, organised, and welcoming.

All these factors are easy to miss when you’re so invested in a campaign. Invest in the time, resources, and market research to create copy that truly resonates and communicates the value and desirability of your project. Remember, it’s more than a block of land.