Every real estate agent should have their own unique personal brand.

Your personal brand reflects your skills, your personality, how you present yourself and how you communicate with clients. At the end of the day, it’s what makes you unique to your clients and makes them remember and refer you. People will remember how you made them feel, your quirks and common interests. Those who nail their personal brand have that certain something that makes them stand out in the crowd. You may be the agent who competes in bodybuilding competitions or the one who used to be a professional dancer or one who simply specialises in rural properties. Your personal brand may organically develop or you can sway it to be what you want, there are some things it must have to be memorable and professional.

Have an active and transparent online presence

What people say and think about you is as important online as it is offline. Be active on your social media channels and let people get to know you. Curated content refers to a proven 80/20 strategy: 80% of your posts should be a mixture of your opinions, industry knowledge and sharing aspects of your personal life. 20% then focuses on selling and advertising. People don’t want to be sold to constantly, especially f they don’t know you. Give them some insights into who you are and what you stand for and they’ll be more likely to trust you with the sale or purchase of their next property. Let me know if you need an audit of your current social media

Have a way to position yourself as a subject matter expert

To really highlight your value, experience and capabilities, consider having your own website dedicated just to you and your personal brand. Unlike on social media, you won’t be competing against the distractions of ads, viral videos, other real estate agents or agencies and their listings There’s no distractions of properties not listed with you, other agencies or other agents. It’s your space, and your opportunity to nail your personal brand.

Alternatively you can create a community via by setting up a VIP Facebook group, start a blog or leverage your knowledge and engage with users of other relevant social media pages. Be helpful and interested. People will get to know you, trust you and mention you to others.

Have a professional profile photo and bio

A self-confessed grammar geek myself, I’m surprised at how many bios have typos, grammatical errors and fail to connect with the reader. Stats and experience is great but aren’t overly engaging for the reader. Combine this with profile photos (usually on social media) that are blurry or in shadow and your first impressions can be thrown out the window. Get some professional photos taken and use them across all your marketing channels so your personal brand is consistent and recognisable.

Creating and maintaining a personal brand in real estate can be a matter of simply tweaking a few things or it can require some mapping out and planning. Take a step back. Which online marketing channels are you using? Which social media platforms are you active and present on? How do you appear to your clients through your imagery and copy? Is your message consistent and have you identified your talk trigger? It a lot to consider and manage. These are just three areas worth fine-tuning, but execute them well and you’re bound to get tongues wagging.

If you need a social media configuration audit, an updated or new bio or help with website copy, let me know.